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Electronic Speed Governor / Electronic Speed Limiter is a micro-controller based electronic unit, which maintains the vehicle speed at the preset speed . The Product offers a variety of benefits to the fleet owners, drivers and passengers,

A car speed governor, or speed limiter, is a device that sets and limits a car's top speed. When a car that is fitted with a speed governor reaches a preset top speed, the device begins to curtail combustion and limits the supply of fuel and air to the engine.

A speed governor helps to ensure vehicle stability and keep the speed of the car below the speed rating of the tires for safety purposes. Most cars sold in the United States are fitted with electronic speed governors.


The Advantages of Speed Governor.

Increased Road Safety.

Reduced strain on engines, thereby increasing the life of engines.

Reduced fuel consumption.

Reduced pollution & thus improved environment.

Reduced maintenance cost for the vehicle owner(s).

Speed Governor consists of basic components

Better safety of all Road user by avoiding over-speeding.

Increased Fuel Efficiency.

Automatic – Preventive rather than reactionary.

Reduced strain on engines, thereby increasing the life of engines.

RFuel Control Valve / Actuator.