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Pricol, a leading manufacturer of Automotive Instruments and Fleet Management Solutions Provider in India introduces the first indigenous Road Speed Limiter for fitment on Buses, Trucks and LCVs. Pricol Road Speed Limiter is based on state-of-the-art micro-controller based technology that assures accurate and smooth operation. In addition to enhancing safety, the device helps reduction in operational cost and ensures savings on maintenance and repair costs on engine, brakes and tyres. Pricol Road Speed Limiter is a cost effective solution to fleet operators and pays for itself in less than six months. Pricol Road Speed Limiter ensures availability of full engine power when the vehicle is running below the set speed. Tamper-proofing is ensured at all levels. In the event of any compulsive tampering, the equipment reduces the speed of vehicle to well below the set speed. Pricol Road Speed Limiter offers a myriad of benefits to the fleet operators, drivers and passengers


Improves Fuel Economy

Increases Engine Life

Reduces Operating & Maintenance Cost

Assures return on investment within 6 months


Reduces stresss

Fatigue free driving

Better control over the vehicle speed

Increases driving comfort


Enhances safety on road

Assures comfort and confidence


Indigenous micro-controller based design

Constant monitoring and governing of speed

Double acting motor enabling both push and pull modes of operation

Get home speed in case of any tampering or failure

Provision for checking the speed setting at any instant

Ease of installation

Smooth and accurate operation


Operating Voltage : 11V to 32V DC

Operating Current : 600mA to 5A

Operating Temperature : -10C to 55C

Signal Input : Speed Sensor

No. of pulses : 8 pulses per revolution

Duty Cycle of signal : 45% to 55% of total time period