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GPS Vehicle Tracker used to locate vehicle with the help of online software or smart phone. This device combines with a GSM and a GPS Module. The location of the vehicle is collected through GPS and this location data along with other information collected from the vehicle by using different sensors are sent to the central server. A GPRS enabled SIM card is used to communicate between the central server and the GPS Tracking Device. User can login to our online Vehicle Tracking application from their desktop computer or phone and the vehicle information can be viewed on electronic map.

Features of Vehicle Tracking application

1) User can see vehicle location as well as various information on electronic map.

2) Set speed limit.

3) Generate various reports of individual vehicle.

4) Create Geofence and get SMS alert upon enter and exit from it.

6) Set different alarm condition get alert through SMS.

7) Full control over the GPS tracking device from vehicle tracking application.

Monitoring and managing the mobile assets are very important for any company dealing with the services, delivery or transport vehicles. Information Technology helps in supporting these functionalities from remote locations and update the managers with the latest information.

Vehicle tracking system or Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVL) is now one of the most popular technological changes in all over the world that is going to make our personal and business life lot easier. As the term suggests, it enables one to track or monitor the location of vehicle in instant time.